Become an Executive Partner and Join Our Cause

As an Executive Partner, you will not only be supporting the arts but also promoting your brand to our audiences. Give your company exposure and the chance to connect with potential new customers. By investing in community involvement, you can set your brand apart from larger companies and show your commitment to making a difference. Our shows attract a highly engaged audience that is eager to support like-minded businesses, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to reach them.

Executive Partner Benefits:
  • 2 Blackman Stage Series Season Tickets in the Cabaret section
  • ⅓ page ad in our Playbill for the five mainstage plays
  • Digital full screen ad streamed in-house via our monitors before, during intermission and after every event as well as 24 hours a day in our lobby
  • 2 HLT Memberships
  • Member discount in Anthony’s Lounge
  • Discounted rates on the rental of HLT facilities
  • Zenon voting rights