The youth program at Highlands Lakeside Theatre offers opportunities for young people to learn more about theatre arts, become more confident communicators, problem solvers, and leaders. It is also a safe place in Highlands County for young people to learn and grow as people and make life-long friendships. We have events throughout the year, as well as a camp during the month of June.

Our goal is for all youth  participants to become: cultured, well-spoken, stronger, confident, happy, vivacious, elegant, witty, cooperative, flexible, creative, and outgoing.


Summer Theatre Institute

STI –The Summer Theatre Institute is a unique educational opportunity for young actors in Highlands County, Florida. It consists of a camp in the month of June that culminates in a performance. All areas of the theatre are covered from auditions, set, costumes,  lights, sound, character development, music, choreography, and performance.

Florida Theatre Conference

Each year we take high school students who are interested in majoring in a performance arts-related field to the Florida Theatre Conference. High school juniors and seniors have the opportunity to audition for over 50 colleges nation-wide. We provide assistance in preparing resumes,  monologues, and music selections for the auditions. Attendees also have the opportunity to see shows in the middle and high school theatre competitions and participate in masterclasses and workshops offered during the conference. We raise money during the year for this event by selling popcorn during our main stage productions. 

Members of HLT can apply for a scholarship for a degree-seeking program, as well as scholarships to attend camp. Non-members may contact us about camp sponsorships. 

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